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What a night!  


The Tribute Concert on Saturday, February 21st was a thrilling experience.  We had a full house during a snow storm, we had great energy and love, and we had great music and a great time.


Our thanks go out to everyone who helped make this great night possible.  Special thanks go to all the performers who donated their time and talents to this special evening.


We hope to finish the DVD production in time for a June 28th release.  June 28th would have been Congressman Owens's 79th birthday.  Help us complete our project! 


Make a donation today in support of the post-production phase of REMEMBER THE MAJOR 2015!


Download a copy of our concert flyer (left) for your friends or as a souvenir!


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Please send a donation check today to the ...


Central Brooklyn Martin Luther King Commission

c/o Chris Owens

315 Flatbush Avenue, #521

Brooklyn, NY  11217-2813

Attn:  Concert Fund


Thank you and download the donation form (look left)!




CLICK HERE to make an on-line donation

using our FUNDLY campaign!


Every donation of $25.00 or more will receive a copy of the concert DVD!


Thank you for your support!


This concert could not have happened without the support of our donors.  Whether in New York or not, whether attending or not,

these folks stepped up and enabled a great project to come to fruition. 

Thank you all!  Let's keep it rolling!


The Makioka Foundation

Michelle Hirshman & Russell G. Pearce

Guy L. Fish & Kim Fish     In memory of  John Fish

Hon. Dr. Edith Patterson

Bessie L. Wong

Richard Bashner


Sharon Myrie & Jose Maldonado

Law Firm of Candace C. Carponter, PC

Ted Geier

Richard Gold

Archie Todd Morrison III & Hilary Morrison

Gloria Mattera

Gary Parker

Michael Gottlieb

Joan Jones     In memory of Major Owens

Morgan Smith

John P. Cusano

Daniel Rubin

Cynthia Gilbertson

Christopher R. Owens     In memory of Major Owens


The pictures included above came from many places.


Images from the Tribute Concert itself were provided by Teri Brennan Photography. Thank you, Teri!

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